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How to survive 38°C in the City?
Look at this lake:
This year, they skipped the entry fee (+ the life gard though) so this is now the only lake within 30min. from Frankfurt where you can legally go for a swim without paying anything, except you want top spend some on food + drinks at their Kiosk.
How to get there? S7 from Hauptbahnhof, 4 Stops (16min) until "Walldorf" + 2km walk.
Take a scooter or skateboard from us, that will make it easier!
open 9:00 am - 9 pm. Have fun!
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Pride Month is celebrated all over the world in June and July 🌈

We hope wherever you are that you have a wonderful and safe celebration ✨

Love is Love ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Five Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Air and Love :D
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Meeting new friends on the road is easy, so why can it be so hard when you get back home? 🤔

Nomadic Matt offers his insight into the problem in this article!

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Counting in German should be considered an Olympic sport 😅

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Jan Stu fucking hell
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😂 true
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Wishing everyone a happy first day of summer ☀️🌊😎

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